About CQRP

What is CQRP?

Today and in the future will provide to great amenities. Also this token and application platform aiming to render secure in integrared structure with blockhain technology to all crypto, QR, payment systems.
Create fast and easy invoices with our QR billing app.
You can make your payments with QR system and can control invoice details easier.
Cryptocurrency Convert
You can change your cryptomoneys in your wallet to different kind money units.

Our introduction video will be published soon…

How does the CQRP token work in the ecosystem?

Crypto QRPay our tokens, based on the ethereum blockchain technology. The owners of the CQRP will be able to pay with our QR payment applications.

Our Tokens

What is CQRP?


Crypto currencies is the best dynamic attempts of today. We are believe; future of financial system in the world will be according to development of blockchain technologies and act of society.

We are thinking; Blockchain will to be used for make stronger and positive to financial system. And we are here for serve you with our new CQRP technology. We will serve to you for your safety and fast payments. Your special world will be more comfortable,safe and easier with our new CQRP technology.

QRPAY; will allow you for create invoices, make payments in this e-commerce and retail world. Businesses will integrate their available stock softwares with our CQRP app.

Costumers can make payment for everything with themselves mobile apps using CQRP wallet, without use cash, VISA or Mastercard.

Token Distribution

  • 111 Billion Total Tokens
  • 20 Billion For Airdrop
  • 20 Billion For Adviser
  • 21 Billion For Exchange
  • 50 Billion For CQRP Ecosystem

Adviser(Shark) Wallet Unlocked:15.04.2019
Adviser(Orca) Wallet Unlocked:01.07.2019
Adviser(Bull) WalletUnlocked:01.10.2019

Airdrop Distribution Phase 1: 15.11.2018
Airdrop Distribution Phase 2: 01.01.2019
Airdrop Distribution Phase 3: 01.04.2019

CQRP Ecosystem Distribution

  • Total 50 Billion CQRP Ecosystem Distribution
  • Founder (%20)
  • Blockchain Developer (%10)
  • Software Developer (%10)
  • Team (%20)
  • CQRT Development (%40)

Team and Developers Wallet Unlocked: 01.12.2019


Our Strategy and Project Plan

Our mission is make able to fast and reliable payment with most innovative blockhain technology by the agency of QRPAY. We are working on application for everyone can make an error-free and reliable payment in the world. We are improving our CQRP tokens value with all this works.

4th Quarter

•Airdrop Start
•Decentralized Exchange Listing
Nov, 2018
•Exchange(Top-100) Listing
•Airdrop Distribute Phase1
Dec, 2018
•Decentralized Exchange Listing
•CoinMarketCap Listing

1st Quarter

Jan, 2019
•Airdrop Distrubite Phase2
Feb, 2019
•Ambassador Application

2nd Quarter

Apr, 2019
•Airdrop Distribute Phase3
•Exchange(Top-50) Listing
May, 2019
•Buyback Phase1
Jun, 2019
•QR Invoice System Demo and Testnet

3rd Quarter

Jul, 2019
•Buyback Phase2
•CQRP Wallet Launched
Aug, 2019
•QR Payment System Demo Testnet
•CQRP x ? Swap
Sep, 2019
•Exchange(Top10) Listing

4th Quarter

Oct, 2019
•QR Invoices and QR Payment app launched
Nov, 2019
•Buyback Phase3
•First Partnership Announcement

Dec, 2019
•Exchange(Top-5) Listing
Our Team
Meet a Crew of Professionals
Michael Loretto
CEO & Co-founder
Eder Cooper
COO & Co-founder
Patricio Ramirez
Community Manager
Olena Francke
Head of Business Development Director
team1 (1)
Tony Welch
Head of Growth
Joseph Abel
Solidity & Blockchain Full Stack Engineer
Anna Mariani
Strategic & Creative Director
Fabien Lasan
Research & Software Engineering
Maggie Nina
Digital Marketer
Connor Lancaster
Social Media Expert
We Collaborate With The Best

Our Advisors

Guarantee Of The Project Success

Web Solution Company CEO from Uzbekistan

I believe, this project will shed light on payment systems in the future…

Investor Specialist from Russia

This team is dynamic and they convinced me to future of this project.

Broker from Dubai

I’m so proud of part of this project. I believe CryptoQRPay will gain acceleration in to future payment systems.


CQRP Token Contract Address:

The following address is for the CQRP token contract. It is NOT a deposit address. Do NOT send tokens to it. 

Our Advisor Wallets & Unlocks Dates:

Adviser(Shark) Wallet Unlock Date:15.04.2019 Check
Adviser(Orca) Wallet Unlock Date:01.07.2019 Check
Adviser(Bull) Wallet Unlock :01.10.2019 Check


Mobile App

All CQRP Deals In Your Pocket

You can create your personal wallet and can keep inside a lot of different crypto money.
You can get crypto payments with our integrated software and create invoices.
You can trade your crypto money or tokens.
Cryptocurrency Convert
You can trade your crypto money or tokens.


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